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Welcome To My Life!
Hi! I'm that girl who spends most of her time on YouTube and playing video games. But hey, who needs real life friends, when we have online friends?! I know which I would choose!
Hey who knows, I may even try imagines on this blog one day!
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I like how this is the type of blog that Tumblr is recommending for me….Really shows what I do with my spare time….Still gonna check it out though….


when a mutual reblogs ur post and it gets hella notes 


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To the ones who have followed my from the very beginning:


To those of you who just started following:


To the ones who unfollowed after a political post:


For those who unfollowed for no good reason:


To the ones who sent me hate mail:


To the ones who sent me love:


To the people who will look at my blog after seeing this post:


I love this.

I love you guys!

Pet Peeves In Fanfiction

I hate it when fan fictions take so long to update, that you have forgotten everything that has happened, and then the author put an A/N that is clearly expecting you to remember and still care.

cassie's followers' birthday calendar →


soo i decided that it would be cute if i had a page with my followers’s birthdays and stuff and that since you guys are so rad i’d do something sweet for you :-)


  • mbf me (since it’s for my followers)
  • reblog this
  • message me your birthday and anything else you’d like!

you’ll get:

Fanfiction Pet Peeves….

It really annoys me when I read fanfiction set in England, or about English people, but they still use the American school system! Like WTF, that’s not how schools work over here!

Reblog this if you like Supernatural. No questions, just do. It’ll make sense later.



how could one not reblog this?

I hope this is as fruitful as the Harry Potter one.

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I see no difference….

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